Developing components.
The right way.

Generate an interactive UI to develop, preview and document web components.

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A UI for your components.

Malvid analyses your folder structure and turns your files into a visual UI.

├── accordion
│   ├──
│   └── accordion.njk
├── area
│   ├──
│   └── area.njk
├── audio
│   ├── audio.config.json
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── audio.njk
└── ...


Screenshot of Malvid

Many features,
but only what matters.


Malvid can be run from the command line or integrated into your project via its API. It works with any template engine and folder structure.

Lost and Found

Instantly find what you are looking for. Filter all your components in real time. No matter if you are searching for a name, view, data or note.


Screenshot of Malvid


Malvid is written in Node.js and rendered via React to ensure a blazing fast generation and usage. Switch between components without a single reload.


Let your team know what's going on. Statuses help to understand the state of a component. Is this component ready? The status tells you.


Malvid exports static HTML, JS and CSS files. Host your UI anywhere simply by uploading the files to your server.